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FlakeTwist Despite owning this EP for a while, I only listened to it properly the other day. WOW! If you're after a new rock listen, you can't go far wrong with this. It should be in many more collections. Favorite track: Winter.
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released July 14, 2012

Planaris was recorded by Mike Gilliland at the Tenant house (RIP), Spinnaker Sound, and Mike's house. It was produced by Tenant and Mike, and mastered by Alan Douches of West West Side Music.


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Tenant Vancouver, British Columbia

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Track Name: The Script
We will be first

Crippled but kind, and marginalized
Way out of whack this age has been sold for scraps

Take it! Take - you know what you're lacking

We really want to be thankful
It could rain and it could hail
We'd still be young and stoked to fail

"Courting" is so antiquated
We all know what we want
So she covers her eyes
His hands on her thighs
Well trained for this
"You're gorgeous," he says
And lays back on the bed
The script is in her head
What is young? Fourteen was fun
It's time we act our age

"Count your blessings!" he was told by his father
He was hunter, he'd been trained by his brothers
She was actually just like his mother

Oh, wait on me! A girl can dream
Wait and see, a girl

Count your blessings, rain and hail
Lost misguided souls for sale.
But who's buying?
Track Name: A Gift Upon Return
A Gift Upon Return

We've both been separate for months now. Single?
There's a black label replacing my wretched company
You want progression with no pain, no gain
Not dead, not living, just drinking

Tonight it looks like it's rain
I guess I'll stay inside again and start the waiting
And stay out of the night
It's half past one when you get home
Drunk and angry: I'm "no fun at all"

We are the hollow ones.

Don't you know? We're convenient
That's our strength, our crutch
I know! You've told me: I need to choose, I need to specialize
But I've ignored you

You were supposed to be there
But you said there's always time
You were supposed to be there
For the misery we'd find
You were supposed to be there
Track Name: Winter
Gotta grow the roots. There's a pressure that makes us bend
I don't want to die this way
Now the winter's come and I've shed my leaves again
I don't want to die today

Barely keeping up
I've seen the road most travelled on and swept the crumbs aside
There's no doubling back, no time to choose: it's do or die

Bundling up for the winter, try to keep warm for the winter

If we could hope to feel this way for all our lives

Like a mountain stream, rejuvenating

Like not being loved in so long
We are dreamers all, we don't ask the questions
We've seen the drop and it's so far

If we could hope to feel this way for all our lives
And keep the wonder that uncertainty provides
And show the world we're not a bunch of fuck ups
We'll show them how!

If we could hope for all our lives
Track Name: Wearing Thin
Sometimes you're lost in all the mess
And don't recall the things I said
Trying to stay on this side of excess
This drink has got me thinking

God knows we've got our vices
(and mine's asleep at thirty thousand)
Just a change in perspective
Or we'll keep drinking from this fountain

We've been down this road before
Addiction's at the door
My resolve is wearing thin
And we're down now

You can hold the crown, you can sing the song
And everyone will play along
If you do step down, this is common ground
Join us: the ordinary

I won't be that broken record, I'm no good samaritan
I'm just trying to keep the vultures off your fence
Now this drink has got you thinking
Track Name: Morning
Morning came quick, but morning came at least
It's nice to see the sky, but Stephen won't have time
The transport leaves at nine
Gotta kiss the kids goodbye

Angry, always so angry and short on time
Plug the earbuds in and start rewinding
Never so happy and full of life
But that's the price

Ambition became greed
Travel became business
Love, a conquest
Dreams to dust.

There must be a reason
I feel like my hands are tied
I left my heart back where I met you

Don't turn away
It's more than a mirror
I left my heart back where I met you

By foot and rail
I miss your touch
I left my heart back where I met you