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by Tenant

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Reversion 04:06
Innocent you are, blissful ignorance, find peace in dreams. You’re not a sinner yet, God knows it won’t be long, and I’ll love you more. But you’ll pay for our fuck ups; humanity’s schemes. Can I make some more money and buy back the trees? No? It’s not that we’re to blame, but blame is a funny thing, in ignorance. I’ll try to treat you well. This hypocrite, he loves you more. When I tell you that you should stop: don’t carry on. When I tell you to pack it up: just put it away. When I tell you to stand and fight: it's not too late. By then I know you’ll be thinking, “I wasn’t there for the fall!” Well the world’s this way, rotting. Each and every day, her people are sleeping. When I tell you to stay awake: I hope you’ll do your best to help me change. Do you have to suffer for what we’ve done? Do you have to suffer because I wasn’t there for the fall?
Decode 04:04
Got a ways to go: need to figure myself out, how to decode your symbols and signs. Where do I begin? The language is a part of me. Words and meanings implying rights and meaning wrongs. Just give it to me straight! There’s a lot me to hate. I’m not sick, and I’m not dumb; if I’m not right, and I’m not wrong…? Just give it to me straight! Hear me, really HEAR me. Speaking decodes the meaning of these lies. See me - no, believe me - we’ve been reading every gesture, every sigh. We’ve gotta do better than that.
We don’t get a choice in the matter. We were born this way. Maturity is only one of the conditions Successful, enterprising I am. But don’t judge us on style and don’t judge our mistakes. We’ve all got regrets to forget so tonight Hold me back somehow, let’s burn this mother down. Get on with it, the night is lit with the stories we can tell. Let’s break out of this cage and rush the front of stage. Raise your cup with your head held up, let’s drink the night away. Backfire. Dress me up in all your reputations, I really don’t care. The days are getting longer now but it’s just borrowed time and it’s given by the creatures of the night Don’t judge our mistakes. We’ve all made a few, but regret’ll make you lose. So tonight can we stop trying to be fake? Hold me back somehow, let’s burn this mother down. Get on with it, the night is lit with the stories we can tell. Let’s break out of this cage and rush the front of stage. Raise your cup with your head held up, let’s drink the night away. Backfire.
“It’s always been a dream of mine,” said the spaceman to his wife. “You know that it’s been so long since you’ve touched me,” she replied. “I’m doing it for the benefit of humanity!” She cries, “I wish you’d do something for me.” They call his name and he leaves her there; it’s time for liftoff. The captain leans over and says to him, “Don’t worry, son.” There must be something out here - we’ve come this far. Still looking for an answer up among the stars. The captain smiles calmly, old and wise and kind, “I know why you’re here and what you’re trying to find.” “There’s gotta be a secret, captain, my hands are tied!” “Well son, it ain’t no secret: it’s what we leave behind. We all leave our hearts at home.”
Klorva 04:58
Klorva knew that what she said were words that she might soon regret as poisonous. Keep the peace and keep the faith, Lovers never to equate a poison lust. Bound by the child, she’s gripping, screaming, Her raw breast feeding The curse she’s passing is not her own. Hush child, remember this feeling, There’s time while the world is bleeding. Your father’s dead drunk and sleeping, And Klorva is whispering, pleading, “Be the best.” Got to be the best, you will beat the rest, got to be the best and you’ll grow up alone. And in meanwhile, down in the basement, Klorva hides the scars. The lies: her armour against society’s eyes. Those judging eyes, those prying eyes. There’s a sigh that makes it’s way deep from inside. There’s a moment desperately cast in the light. As the door creaks, revealing a cold silhouette. You can smell it on his breath And with that sigh, the child seems to cry, “Mother, help me, please...”
“Steven,” I said, “there’s a part of me that scares me.” “We’ve all got secrets, they make us who we are,” he frowned, turning his eyes down. There we stood a moment as I pulled my jacket tighter, In the moon we saw our breath, never had I seen it brighter. And he smiled. So I smiled. He said, “David Foster Wallace once said all of this is water, so you’ve got to learn to swim or you’ll just sink to the bottom. The glass in this aquarium is less of a container than the cage we build around ourselves before we see the danger.” It’s like he read my mind. Blurring all the lines, quiet all the time. When you meet somebody and the fear grabs hold, You gotta grab on and grab tight and never let go. Build a box to keep your whole life in, to pass on to your kids. You think you get it, but you don’t. It’s true we leave our hearts at home. But there are other ways to know Are you really happy? Happiness isn’t settling for less than what we need. We’re trained to be unsatisfied with every drop we bleed. So save a smile for the rest of us.
Titan 03:15
We’re short on time. Maybe now that we’re on empty, There will be a move to see this to the end. A conclusion to handle this confusion we refuse to properly address. One just ain’t enough to change much. What if I said we were each that one? We could be that one? We could cross the line and take our country back. Lakes and rivers never will run clean. Filthy desert, the land is energy. Don’t you want it? This is democracy. Don’t you want it? Well then you’re free to leave. Canada the free. There’s still time. We’ve heard the slogan on your t-shirt a million times and frankly it means shit. It’s the armchair revolution! To be there you just click your fucking links. Like this, share this, I don’t care just come on now and sing the words with me: “Oh Canada, we stand stand on guard for thee.” We fight, we bleed. One nation in senseless greed. I can’t be proud. The maple leaf is dead.
Follower 04:31
Suddenly I realize everything is right, And there’s a reason but I doubt you’d understand. I can’t explain it to someone so jaded, I need a second chance. You think that you’re trying, but the shit that you’re buying Won’t fill that empty space, So you fill it up with hate. But I swore an oath that I would not let myself fall into this trap again. And I won’t believe it’s real. I won’t keep all these thoughts inside, you think you’ve read the guide, But I know who I was before this, and I swore an oath. It’s hard to know, with one last call, if this is the right one. I will keep the hurt, the pain, and the fear inside; It will be the dark without which there is no light. So much beauty down here, and I can see it now, See it because I’ve lived through this. And I know that this is real. All my life, I’ve known that this is real.


Produced by Royce Whittaker and Tenant in 2015.
Recorded, mixed, and mastered by Royce Whittaker
at Spinnaker Sound, White Rock, BC.
Art by Chris Elkjar.


released May 19, 2015


all rights reserved



Tenant Vancouver, British Columbia

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